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PSI is proud to offer the industry’s largest selection of Peinemann Equipment’s hands-free semi-automated tube bundle cleaning systems, rated up to 40,000 psi (2800 bar). Hands-free systems ensure a safer workplace for our customers, allowing operators to remotely control the equipment while stationed away from the blast site. After positioning the system’s guide tube against the tube to be cleaned, the operator manipulates the simple controls to extend or retract the high-pressure flex or rigid lance. An excellent finished product is the result of the nozzle traveling the full length of the tube, both in and out, under pressure. And, with the option to clean up to five tubes at a time, these tube bundle cleaning systems maximize productivity and guarantee consistent product removal compared to manual lancing. Want to try it before you buy it? Contact PSI’s Rental department to rent a machine today or for a free demonstration.

Single Lance Tube Cleaners: LTC and XLTC
The simplest and easiest solution for hands-free tube and small diameter pipe cleaning are the LTC and XLTC systems. Lightweight, compact, and affordable, the single lance tube cleaners provide greatly increased productivity, superior cleaning results and above all, operator safety. When used with the Orion index positioner, the LTC and XLTC systems become semi-automated, increasing productivity and operator safety.​

The standard single lance machine (LTC) is most suitable for 4/2 and 5/2 flex lances (DN4and5or1/16”NPTand1/8”NPT).

The XLTC is the big brother of the LTC. This single lance machine feeds flex lances from 4/2 (1/16”NPT) up to 8/4 (9/16”MP).

        ❚ Min. – Max. Flex Lance Outside Diameter:
                 1-LTC: 0.31” – 0.47" (8 – 12 mm, 4/2, 5/2)
                 XLTC: 0.31” – 0.6" (11 – 15 mm, 4/2 – 8/4)
        ❚ Min. – Max. Air Pressure: 45 PSI (3 Bar) – 95 PSI (6.3 Bar)
        ❚  Cleaning Speed with Standard Air Motor: 18 in. (45 cm) per second - 30 in. (70 cm) per second
        ❚  Cleaning Speed with Slow Air Motor: 5.5 in. (14 cm) per second - 7.5 in. (19 cm) per second
        ❚ Max. Pull/Push Strength: 110 Foot Pounds/Approx. (489 Newton)
        ❚ Weight:
                  LTC: 19 lbs. (9 kg.)
                  XLTC: 21 lbs. (10 kg)

Orion Index Positioner: For use with LTC and XLTC Systems
The new Orion indexer is the latest addition to our line of tools. The Orion enables the use of the LTC and XLTC in a “hands free” fully robotic mode. It offers cleaning solutions for heat exchangers in place, in both horizontal and vertical configurations. This new patent pending device is compact, lightweight, and easily installed in minutes by a single operator. The Orion consist of four major components: a mounting bracket with pneumatic gearbox, 2” box rail with pneumatic movement, LTC or XLTC drive, and a remote control. The operator can control all functions from the pneumatic, lightweight remote-control unit, including lance feed rate, and air actuated dump, all from a safe distance, eliminating the need for a handheld (X) LTC. This versatile and flexible new tool can also be used in combination with a gun nozzle attachment for easy and safe cleaning of the tube sheet, flanges, and other components.

The PSI Jobox Storage Container
The Jobox is not JUST your average toolbox. It is designed to contain equipment parts and pieces, helping you save money by safely storing and keeping track of equipment while also saving you time spent on finding missing parts. The PSI Jobox is customized for your automated tool of choice, any make and model, including Peinemann tube cleaning systems, StoneAge systems, pump conversion kits, and many more.

Triple Tube Lance Cleaner and Blast Hose Feeder:
TLX with Flex Frame

The NEW Peinemann TLX is the LIGHTEST, STRONGEST, and MOST VERSATILE hands- free automated hose and flex lance feeder in the water blasting industry. What makes the TLX feeder better than any other hands-free system? The TLX is the one-and-done tool for ANY pipe or tube cleaning application, capable of running up to three flex lances or one large rubber hose. The new gear drive offers variable speed and power settings using a single air motor, which is conveniently mounted at the front of the machine, reducing the overall footprint. And thanks to the carbon fiber body and alloy components, the system is 30% lighter in weight than other hose feeders, while maintaining powerful pulling force. The new stainless-steel, quick-change cartridge style chains last longer and make field repairs easy. The TLX also features an optional flushing system to keep internal components debris-free.

        ❚ Min. – Max. Flex Lance Outside Diameter:
                0.31” - 0.59” (8 - 15 mm, 4/2 – 8/4)
        ❚ Max. Rubber Blast Hose Diameter:

                (3/4” NPT)
        ❚ Min. – Max. Air Pressure:

                58 PSI (4.0 Bar) - 95 PSI (6.3 Bar)
        ❚ Cleaning Speed:

                11.8” – 27.5” per second (30 cm – 0.70 cm per second) (adjustable with the air pressure)
        ❚ Max. Pull/Push Strength:
                286 foot pounds (1274 Newton)
        ❚ Weight:
             TLX: 38.6 lbs. (17.5 kg.)
             Flex Frame: 95 lbs. (43 kg.)

Outside Bundle Cleaner: OBC
The OBC provides a safe and efficient way to clean outside (shellside) of tube bundles quickly, safely, and easily. The tube bundle is placed on two optional heavy-duty rollers, which can be controlled from the operator cabin. The bundle is cleaned by a nozzle bar that can be manipulated in three directions: horizontal, vertical, rotating nozzle assembly in/out. All hydraulic controls are placed in an HVAC cabin where the operator sits comfortably and safely without being exposed to the debris coming off the bundle. A hydraulic power pack is situated behind the cabin, allowing for easily accessibility. All hydraulic hoses are fitted with quick connectors for easy transportation.
        ❚ Total Weight: 17,637 lbs. (8000 kg)
        ❚ Height Column: 127.66” (324 cm)

        ❚ Transportheight:108.35”(275cm)
        ❚ Width: 47.28” (120 cm)
        ❚ Max. Pressure: Up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar)

        ❚ Horizontal travel speed: 1.97”/sec – 98.5ft/min (5cm/sec - 30 mtr/min)
        ❚ Vertical travel length: 106.38” (2700 mm)
        ❚ Cross travel length: 55.16” (1400 mm)

        ❚ Engine: Silent pack HATZ diesel

        ❚ Cubic capacity: 40.7” (667 cm3)

        ❚ RPM: 2,400 rpm
​          ❚ Horse power: 11.4 HP (8.4 Kw)
        ❚ HVAC Cabin
        ❚ Oil tank: 44.9 gal (170 L)
        ❚ Hydraulic system: 1,160 psi (80 bar), 7 gpm (27 lpm)
        ❚ Steering:
              Remote controls from inside cabin

              Pendent remote from outside cabin    

Give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call and we will be happy to help you find just the right product for your waterblasting needs! Visit our Contact page for a selection of PSI Team members to contact or call our headquarters to speak with a customer service representative.

Tube Bundle Cleaning

Tube Bundle Cleaning

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For PSI part numbers, a complete list of all PSI offerings, and more information, please see the current PSI Catalog!

​​Dual Lance Tube Cleaner: 2-XLTC with Flex Frame
Air powered and remotely operated, the dual lance tube cleaner, the 2-XLTC, provides increased productivity by cleaning two tubes simultaneously while offering superior cleaning results by maintaining a constant travel speed through the tubes in both directions. Typically used with an X-Y positioner or the Flex Frame system, the dual lance system provides total hands-free operation for cleaning exchangers inside or on a cleaning pad. A variety of mounting options allow operation in a vertical or horizontal configuration. A full range of flex lances from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi can be used depending on the tracks installed in the tool, up to 8/4 (9/16” MP).
        ❚ Min. – Max. Flex Lance Outside Diameter: 0.31” - 0.59” (8 - 15 mm, 4/2 – 8/4)
        ❚ Min. – Max. Air Pressure:
45 PSI (3.0 Bar) - 95 PSI (6.3 Bar)
        ❚ Cleaning Speed: 18” – 30” per second (0.45 – 0.70 m) (adjustable with the air pressure)
        ❚ Max. Pull/Push Strength: 183 foot pounds (814 Newton)
        ❚ Weight:
                    2-XLTC: 43 lbs (19 kg.)
                    Flex Frame: 95 lbs (43 kg.)

Five Lance Tube Cleaner: IBC-5
To meet the challenges of the most demanding cleaning contractors worldwide, PSI offers the 5-lance IBC-5, one of the fastest tube ID cleaning machines in the world operating up to five rigid lances at once. The IBC-5 was developed to be used at a wash pad or bundle cleaning bay and is the ultimate tool during shutdowns to clean bundles in the shortest possible time. The operator sits comfortably in the HVAC cab while removed from the dangerous high-pressure water and the contamination that can be found inside the bundles. The IBC-5 is a hydraulic driven machine which is powered by a diesel engine or electric motor. There are two hydraulic cylinders with cables to move up or down and left and right. The lances are powered by a large hydraulic motor which drives two chains. Each lance has its own supply of high-pressure water by means of an 0.31” (8mm) ID hose to reduce pressure loss and maximize the volume of water. The average cleaning speed is approximately 8,000-9,000 tubes per shift and passes IRIS the first time.
        ❚ Weight: 9,900 lbs. (4,500 kg)
        ❚ Transport Mode Height: 93” (236 cm)
        ❚ Width: 86” (220 cm)
        ❚ Length: 452” (1,150 cm)
        ❚ Min. Height Lances: 24” (60 cm)
        ❚ Max. Height Lances: 83” (210 cm)
        ❚ Max. Width of Lances: 59” (150 cm)

        ❚ Max. Working Length: 374” (930 cm)

        ❚ Lance Speed: 0-39”/sec (0-1m/sec)
        ❚ Pitch of Lances: 0.86”-1.77” (22 mm-45mm)
        ❚ Lance Bed Movement: 24” (60 cm)

        ❚ Max. Operating Pressure: 20,000 psi (1400 bar)
        ❚ Recommended Flow: 45-55 GPM (180-200 LPM)
        ❚ Oil Tank: 30 gallons (120 liters)
        ❚ Forward Thrust: 660 lbs. (300 kg/lance)
        ❚ Horsepower: 33 HP (24.6 kW)

        ❚ Cooling System: water cooled

Tube Bundle Rollers: TBR-100K
PSIs heavy-duty tube bundle rollers are designed for the rotation of tube bundles, allowing operators to clean 100% of the shellside. Sold as a set, the TBR-100K consists of one driven roller unit and one non-driven roller unit. The system is hydraulically driven from the cab of an automated bundle cleaner or remotely using a remote pendent control. The assembly supports bundles weighing up to 100,000 lbs (45t). And the two units are stackable for easy storage and mobility
❚  Total Weight: 3,100 lbs (1.4t)
❚  Max. Working Load: 100,000 lbs (45t)
❚  Height: 17.5” (44 cm) each/36” (91 cm) set of two
❚  Roller Length: 48” or 60”