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Air-Actuated Dump Valves
Air-actuated dump valves allow operators to remotely control the high- pressure water flow while operating automated and semi-automated water blast systems. When air is sent to the cylinder, the valve closes, allowing the system to build pressure. The valve opens when air is exhausted, reducing system pressure to near atmospheric. PSI offers dump valves rated for 15,000 psi (1,034 bar), 20,000 psi (1,400 bar), and 40,000 psi (2,800 bar). Low-volume and high-volume models available.
        ❚  Used with automated and semi- automated tools to dump water.
        ❚  The field-replaceable cartridge allows operators to repair valves in 30 seconds or              less, minimizing equipment downtime.
        ❚  Heavy-duty air cylinder keeps up with frequent usage.

15K Low Volume Dump Valve

15K High Volume Dump Valve

20K Low Volume Dump Valve

20K High Volume Dump Valve

40K Dump Valve

Flow Divider Valves
Flow divider valves, also known as multi- gun valves or splitters, allow multiple operators to work from one high- pressure pump. The valve will maintain full pressure to all operators while the flow is split, even when the other tool is dumping. PSI’s flow dividers feature a quick replacement cartridge making field repairs quick and simple. 

15K Flow Divider Valve

20K Flow Divider Valve

​Pressure Regulating Valves
Many high-pressure pumps utilize pressure regulating valves, also known as by-pass valves, to divert a portion of the flow to a low-pressure outlet. Acting like a hand-adjustable needle valve, the pressure regulating valves can be used to control pressure when the application requires less flow at the work site.
        ❚  Simple field-repairable cartridge
        ❚  Easy hand adjustment (no tools required)
        ❚  Includes a locking adjuster handle after the pressure has been set
        ❚  Constructed from stainless steel machine components
        ❚  Mounts directly to a pump’s fluid end discharge manifold

15K Pressure Regulator Valve

20K Pressure Regulator Valve

40K Pressure Regulator Valve​​

Pressure Gauges
PSI’s high-pressure gauges are designed specifically for water blasting applications. Constructed of stainless-steel housings, PSI’s gauges are glycerin filled and feature color coded faces which meet WJTA-IMCA safety standards. 

​Unloader Valves
Unloader valves allow for the operation of multiple guns from one or more pumps. Changes in the flow demands are automatically accommodated, with excess flow being diverted back to the feed side of the pump. These valves can also be rebuilt in the field in 5 minutes with a quick-change replacement cartridge. Rated up to 20,000 psi. 

Snubbers dampens the pumping systems pressure pulsations which can cause gauge fluctuations, while also extending the life of a pressure gauge. 

​​Pump Controls


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