​​Hand-held shotguns are an essential tool in every water blasting fleet. PSI offers guns rated for 15,000 psi (1,034 bar), 20,000 psi (1,400 bar), and 40,000 psi (2,800 bar). Traditional dump-style and dry-shut off models are available, as well as unique application guns for underwater and surface preparation applications.

❚ The field-replaceable cartridge allows operators to repair guns in 30 seconds or less, minimizing equipment downtime.

❚ Weighing only 13-15 lbs. (6-7 kg) and comfort-contoured shoulder stocks help lessen fatigue on operators.

❚ Includes standard 48-inch barrel (other barrel sizes are available)

❚ All operational components are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longer lasting life.

​15K Hand-Held Dump Gun with 1/2" NPT Barrel

15K Gun Handle

15K Hand-Held Dump Gun with 3/8" NPT Barrel

15K Dump Gun Handle

15K Hand-Held Double Dump Gun

15K Double Dump Gun Handle

15K Dump Gun Handle

15K Hand-Held Dry Shut-Off Gun

15K Gun Handle

20K Hand-Held Dump Gun

20K Dump Gun Handle

20K Hand-Held Double Dump Gun

20K Double Dump Gun Handle

20K Dump Gun Handle

20K Zero Thrust Gun

20K Dump Gun Handle

20K Hand-Held Dry Shut-Off Gun

40K Hand-Held Dump Gun with Nozzle Holder

40K Dump Gun Handle

40K Hand-Held Double Dump Gun

40K Double Dump Gun Handle

40K Dump Gun Handle

40K Pneumatic Dual & Single Handle Control Gun

Pneumatic guns, combined with the StoneAge Barracuda rotating nozzle, can be used in place of the costlier rotary barrel guns for most applications including surface preparation. These guns are used to send the air signal to a Tri-Mode Valve (Tumble Box), which controls the flow of high-pressure water. The gun does not have any high-pressure seals, valves, or cartridges to maintain or replace. Single or dual trigger configurations are available. Working pressures to 40K. Uses the same air hoses as the rotary gun. 

40K Dual Trigger Air Control Gun

This dual trigger gun is designed to operate with a PSI Tri-Mode Valve (Tumble Box) and self-rotating surface cleaning nozzle. It represents a simple alternative to the “COBRA” Rotary Barrel Gun. The simplicity derives from the elimination of any high-pressure valves, seats, seals, or swivels. The air motor and rotating barrel have also been removed. This leaves two pistol grip air control valves working in tandem, which send a signal to the Tri-Mode Valve to allow the high-pressure water to flow to the rotating nozzle.

40K Hand-Held Zero Thrust Gun

An air-operated control gun with a rotating barrel. The simple, robust design combined with the high quality of manufacture, makes this the perfect tool for Ultra-High Pressure Jetting applications. When used together with our Tri-Mode Valve, the combination is the most cost effective and easy to use and maintain system on the market. It is ideal for the removal of paint and corrosion leaving a white metal finish, which is ready for coating.

The 40K Tri-Mode Valve Tumble Box

Commonly called a Tumble Box, the 40K Tri-Mode Valve has been developed after extensive research aimed at identifying the features that contractors and end users needed most. The air side incorporates a robust easy to operate shut off valve, a large easy to read horizontally mounted gauge, which is protected by a heavy rubber buffer. The shuttle valve is a simple cartridge type design, which is easy to service and replace.

Shrouded Whip Hoses
All hand-held guns should be used with a shrouded whip hose to protect the operator in the event the high-pressure hose fails. The dependable screw-type shroud is held in place by a shroud adapter which can be customized to fit specific guns. Various whip hose lengths and sizes are available rated at pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar).  

Hand-Held Shotguns

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Hand-Held Shotguns

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