15K Reducer Bushings

15K Bushings

12-15K MP Male to NPT Female Reducer Bushings

12-15K Swage Adapters

12-15K Hex Nipples

12-15K One-Piece Torpedo Adapters MP (M) x NPT (M)

10-15K Type M x NPT (M) Adapters

12-15K Heavy Duty Couplings

10-15K Slimline Couplings

15K MP x NPT and HP x NPT Slimline Couplings

10-15K Hex Head Plugs

10-15K Socket Head Plugs

15K UNF Lance Connector

Metric/BSP to NPT Adapters

15K Adapters M33 (M) x NPT (M)

15K BSPP Couplings

10-12K Hammer Unions

10-15K Quick Disconnect Couplings

12-15K Wafer Tees

​12-15K 45° Wafer Elbows

12-15K 90° Wafer Elbows

12-15K 90° Wafer Wyes

12-15K Wafer Crosses

20K Quick Disconnect Couplings

20K Autoclave Style Single Piece Adapters MP Male x Type M

20K Autoclave Style Torpedo Adapters MP Male and Type M with Gland Nut and Collar

20K Autoclave Style Reducer Bushing with Gland Nut Collar

20K Glad Nuts

20K Collars

20K Plugs

20K Hose Connectors Type M Male x Type M Male

20K Autoclave Style Straight Couplings

20K Autoclave Style 90° MP Elbows

20K Tube Adapters

20K Slimline Couplings

20K Adapters MP Male x MP Male

20K Autoclave Style Tees

20K Anti-Vibration Gland Assembly

40K Hose Connectors Type M Male x Type M Male

40K Slimline Couplings

40K Gland Nuts

40K Collars

40K Bushing

40K Collet Assembly

40K Coupler

40K Cross

40K Adapter

40K Elbow

40K Plug

40K Reducer Bushing

40K Tee

40K Tube Adapter

​40K Wyes

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