• 15K Reducer Bushings
  • 15K Bushings
  • 12-15K MP Male to NPT Female Reducer Bushings
  • 12-15K Swage Adapters
  • 12-15K Hex Nipples
  • 12-15K One-Piece Torpedo Adapters MP (M) x NPT (M)
  • 10-15K Type M x NPT (M) Adapters
  • 12-15K Heavy Duty Couplings
  • 10-15K Slimline Couplings
  • 15K MP x NPT and HP x NPT Slimline Couplings
  • 10-15K Hex Head Plugs
  • 10-15K Socket Head Plugs
  • 15K UNF Lance Connector
  • Metric/BSP to NPT Adapters
  • 15K Adapters M33 (M) x NPT (M)
  • 15K BSPP Couplings
  • 10-12K Hammer Unions
  • 10-15K Quick Disconnect Couplings
  • 12-15K Wafer Tees
  • ​12-15K 45° Wafer Elbows
  • 12-15K 90° Wafer Elbows
  • 12-15K 90° Wafer Wyes
  • 12-15K Wafer Crosses
  • 20K Quick Disconnect Couplings
  • 20K Autoclave Style Single Piece Adapters MP Male x Type M
  • 20K Autoclave Style Torpedo Adapters MP Male and Type M with Gland Nut and Collar
  • 20K Autoclave Style Reducer Bushing with Gland Nut Collar
  • 20K Glad Nuts
  • 20K Collars
  • 20K Plugs
  • 20K Hose Connectors Type M Male x Type M Male
  • 20K Autoclave Style Straight Couplings
  • 20K Autoclave Style 90° MP Elbows
  • 20K Tube Adapters
  • 20K Slimline Couplings
  • 20K Adapters MP Male x MP Male
  • 20K Autoclave Style Tees
  • 20K Anti-Vibration Gland Assembly
  • 40K Hose Connectors Type M Male x Type M Male
  • 40K Slimline Couplings
  • 40K Gland Nuts
  • 40K Collars
  • 40K Bushing
  • 40K Collet Assembly
  • 40K Coupler
  • 40K Cross
  • 40K Adapter
  • 40K Elbow
  • 40K Plug
  • 40K Reducer Bushing
  • 40K Tee
  • 40K Tube Adapter
  • ​40K Wyes

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Fittings, Couplings, & Adapters

Fittings, Couplings, & Adapters

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