​​Established in 2013, PSI Pressure Systems Corp. has rapidly become a major source in the waterblasting industry for equipment, technology, and services. Noted for its constant innovation and commitment to safety, PSI is now a favorite manufacturer and distributor of state-of-the-art waterblasting equipment.

Founded by Todd A. Shawver, formerly of Union Pump Textron and NLB Crop., PSI Pressure Systems Corp. is a full service waterblasting equipment manufacturer. Waterblasting industry professionals hold PSI's offerings in high esteem; including PSI's NX-Series line of waterblasting pump units, the M1 Series of remote/wireless robots, and new, innovative automated tooling for the industry.

In addition to manufacturing the NX-Series line of high pressure pumps, PSI maintains one of the largest ranges of product in the industry worldwide. PSI is proud to distribute top-of-the-line equipment from StoneAge, Peinemann, Advanced Pressure Systems, Parker, Spir Star, TST Sweden in cooperation with Riverstone Waterjets, and TurtleSkin WaterArmor.

While PSI's product range is amongst the largest and most advanced in the industry, PSI's most valuable asset are its people. Prominent professionals in the industry are at the core of PSI's success.

PSI Pressure Systems Corp.

A Name Synonymous with Progress

​When I founded PSI Pressure Systems Corp. in 2013, it was my genuine hope that, along with the incredible PSI Team, we would design the best high-pressure water blasting pump that the industry had ever seen. Five years later, I am confident that we have done just that.

​PSI Pressure Systems Corp. has become a name synonymous with progress. Thanks to our Research and Development Department, Smart Water Systems (SWS), PSI has been dubbed the most innovative waterblasting manufacturer in the industry. This is a badge that we wear with pride. Our customers' positive feedback inspires us to maintain our sincere commitment to innovation and the creation of the safest, most efficient technologies in the industry.

With a team boasting over 300 years of water blast engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing experience, we have been fortunate enough to bring our vision to life. The PSI Team has worked tirelessly, with a tremendous amount dedication and innovative thinking, and today PSI's NX-Series pump line is the leading water blaster in the industry.

Our NX-365 and NX-600 water blasters are the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective pumps on the market, and we aim to keep it that way. The NX-Series pumps, along with our automated equipment and wireless/remote robots, are revolutionizing the water blasting industry. With many new technologies currently in R&D, I am proud to say that we continue our mission create ground-breaking products which represent the wise choice of many alternatives.

As our product range continues to grow so does our team. We are proud to boast a team that provides first class customer service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! It is my distinct honor to work alongside these water blasting professionals to create a safer, revolutionized water blasting industry. The PSI Team works hard to bring our customers tomorrow's technology, today!

On behalf of the entire PSI Team, I thank you for your consideration and continued support.

Todd A. Shawver

President and CEO 


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President & CEO, Todd Shawver, and his wife, Tami, with PSI's custom NX-365 Patriot Pump.


PSI's incredible team boasts a collective 300 years of hands-on waterblasting experience. Meet the hardworking men and women that make PSI what it is.


Todd A. Shawver is the Founder, President, and CEO of PSI Pressure Systems Corp.

Before beginning his three-decade long career in the waterblasting industry, Shawver received his Undergrad and Masters from Western Michigan University in Business Management and Communications. He then received a Thunderbird Global Management degree before attending the University of Michigan, garnering him degrees in Executive Management and International Sales and Marketing.

Prior to founding PSI in 2013, Shawver held the position of Vice President of Sales at Union Pump Company, David Brown, Textron Fluid Handling, and NLB Corp., making him a prominent figure in the waterblasting industry for over thirty years.

Shawver’s business acumen can be accredited to the fact that he enjoys it so much, he considers it not just a job, but a hobby. It is his mission to maintain a productive, happy workplace environment, first class customer service, and the most knowledgeable staff in the waterblasting industry.

Shawver lives in the Houston area with his supportive wife of over 30 years, Tami, and their dogs, Harper and Truman. His children, Ashlyn and Jordan, who work for PSI in marketing and sales, respectively, also live in Houston. In his rare free time he enjoys spending time with his family, tennis, golf, racquetball, flying, Scuba diving, playing the piano, and guitar.​ 


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PSI Pressure Systems Corp. is home to Smart Water Systems (SWS), the most creative and inventive Research and Development Department in the waterblasting industry. To learn more about our incomparable R&D Department CLICK HERE!

A Letter from President & CEO

Todd A. Shawver

PSI's custom NX-600 Patriot Pump. Did you know that PSI offers custom paint jobs? CLICK HEREfor more info!