Utilizing the best practices available in the industry, PSI Pressure Systems Corp. provides a highly comprehensive training program for most waterblast products.

  • Equipment operation training
  • Equipment maintenance training
  • General safety practices for operation:

      - Hose

      - Fittings

      - Hand Lancing (shot gunning)

      - Automated Tooling

      - Foot Pedals

      - 2D

      - 3D

      - Pumps

Complete tear down and inspection of your high-pressure and ultra-high pressure waterblast unit (skid or trailer mount).

  • Complete pump repair / overhaul as identified at left
  • Engine diagnosis, accompanied by a written quotation for any engine work recommended
  • Engine maintenance, including oil change and filter change (fuel, oil, air)
  • Control panel test
  • Switches and relay test
  • Pump belts and sheave inspection
  • Water tank inspection
  • Water float inspection
  • Low water switch inspection
  • Boost pump inspection (including belts)
  • Inlet plumbing inspection
  • Discharge plumbing inspection
  • Skid inspection
  • Trailer inspection: wheel bearings, rims, tires, lights, hitch, jack stand
  • Complete unit painting as requested.


Unit Repair / Overhaul

Complete Tear down and inspection of your high-pressure and ultra-high pressure waterblast pump.

  • Non-destructive testing of key components (as required)
  • Inspection of all wear parts, including but        not limited to manifolds, valves, valve seats, plungers, packings, and O-rings
  • Refurbishment of components (if possible)
  • Valve lapping, repacking, plunger polishing
  • Complete re-assembly of the pump unit to       exacting specifications
  • Pump power end oil change
  • Verify power end, crank shaft, and                  connecting rod tolerances
  • Repaint as requested
  • Pump mechanical testing
  • Pump performance testing

At PSI, we recognize that the reliability and appearance of your waterblast equipment is important to the success of your company. Additionally, we understand the importance of safety, not only of your equipment, but also in the way that your equipment is operated. It is for this reason that PSI offers complete diagnostics and repair of nearly all waterblast products in the marketplace as well as professional, hands-on training.

Pump Repair / Overhaul

Service Capabilities