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​​​​Established in 2013, PSI Pressure Systems Corp. has rapidly become a major source in the water-blasting industry for equipment, technology, and services. Noted for its constant innovation and commitment to safety, PSI is now a favorite manufacturer and distributor of state-of-the-art water-blasting equipment.
In addition to manufacturing the NX-Series line of high-pressure pumps, PSI maintains one of the largest ranges of product in the industry worldwide. PSI is proud to distribute top-of-the-line equipment from Derc Salotech, StoneAge, Peinemann, Advanced Pressure Systems, Parker, Spir Star, TST Sweden in cooperation with Riverstone Waterjets, and TurtleSkin WaterArmor.



365 HP (268.46 kW)
Frame Load 18,500 lbf (82,292 N) 3 Cy

"The ability to convert this pump from 10k to 40k in the field, quickly and easily, is brilliant.

Sam Romero, Regional Manager, Nooter Construction

"We were shocked at the ease of conversion and how smooth the PSI pumps ran."
Troy Holm, President, W.S. Industrial Services

"Finally, a company making advanced technology simple. Three cartridges to convert from 10k to 40k in the field. No heavy lifting, no fluid end to replace. Thank you PSI."
Jon Hodges, President, Evergreen Industrial

*PSI Pump purchased by Sage.


600 HP (441.30 kW)
Frame Load 18,500 lbf (82,282 N) 5 Cyl.

A Revolutionary Design

The NX-Series Bare Shaft Pump and Pump Units
The NX (Next Generation) high-pressure water blasting pump units are simply best-in-class. Leading the industry in safety, maintenance, flexibility, performance, cost of operation, and reliability, the NX-Series pumps will provide its users with the ultimate in operational flexibility and safety. With the combination of PSI's standard transmission and its electronically controlled engine, operators can match virtually any nozzle size with the unit displacement, thereby making it the most efficient method of transferring energy from the engine to the nozzle tip with no by-pass or flow control.
The heart of the NX-Series is PSI's patented fluid end conversion system, making it the only pump in the world capable of operation throughout its pressure range of 8,000 psi to 40,000 psi (550 bar to 2,800 bar) with a single discharge manifold for all discharge pressures. Additionally, there is no need to change or remove the accessory manifold, rupture disc assemblies, or pressure gauge due to specific discharge ports for each pressure range. This feature also means the pump cannot be operated with a conversion kit which does not match its rupture disc. The unique pressure-specific conversion cartridges simply lift out of the fluid end, making PSI's pump the quickest conversion in the industry.

Safest Pump in the Industry
The patented fluid end ensures the NX-Series pumps cannot be operated at any pressure higher than the fluid end components installed, making it the safest high-pressure water blasting pump to operate.

Quickest Pressure Conversion in the Industry

PSI's patented fluid end features the only discharge manifold in the world rated for all pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar), also making it the quickest conversion in the industry.

Next-Generation Engineering
By using ductile iron and other high-quality materials, PSI's power ends are made to operate at higher horsepower, resulting in higher frame loads, giving our customers the ability to run higher flow rates.

Lowest Cost of Operation Pump in the Industry
The NX-Series pumps, engines, and transmission drive trains have been engineered to place the engines at its BEP (Best Efficiency Point), resulting in substantial fuel savings and longer lasting life on drive train components, as well as the pump. The standard 352, 365, 465, and 600 HP engines operate at up to 10 DBA quieter than other manufacturers. An Eaton Fuller heavy-duty transmission is installed for maximum flexibility and fuel economy.

Low Profile Platform

The NX-Series low profile trailers offer a lower center of gravity, making them easier to access and safer to transport.


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325 HP (239.04 kW)
Frame Load 18,500 lbf (82,292 N) 3 Cyl.